Sitka Legacy Foundation

Sitka Legacy Foundation supports local resiliency and self-reliance, now and forever. We are committed to maintaining Sitka as a vital, progressive, and healthy place where people can live, work, raise families and retire.

To support our community, we promote individual, family and business philanthropy and provide grants to local projects and organizations. We offer a local vehicle for residents and visitors to invest their time, talent and resources in helping Sitka thrive. SLF also works to support and strengthen other local nonprofits.

Sitka is a community of people who work together to solve problems, nurture our heritage, celebrate life through spiritual, artistic, athletic, and cultural expression, and promote education and economic prosperity, all to support the well-being of residents and the land and resources that sustain us.

Sitka Legacy Foundation is building a long-term charitable endowment for our local community. As of September 30, 2021, our fund balance totaled $668,336. We encourage donations to our permanent endowment, which is professionally managed and protected by The Alaska Community Foundation. Contributions to SLF allow you to invest in our community’s future and improve our quality of life, secure in the knowledge that your gift will be used to benefit Sitka residents. As our endowment grows through investment income, bequests, and continued donations, it will offer an increasingly large resource to meet local needs over time.

Your donation to the unrestricted endowment or the operating endowment of the Sitka Legacy Foundation will:

  • Support local non-profits with grants and educational opportunities
  • Leverage additional funds from the Rasmuson Foundation and The Alaska Community Foundation, which offer challenge grants to GSLF to encourage local giving. Your gift helps make us eligible for up to $125,000 in matching grants toward our unrestricted endowment, and up to $60,000 in matching grants toward our operating endowment. We are close to meeting our matching grant goals!
  • Earn you a place on our honor roll of local heroes who support community solutions to local problems.

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